UNBOUND Ministry

Unlock the prison doors surrounding your heart and open yourself up to the healing love of the Father.

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About the Ministry


UNBOUND Ministry is a method of deliverance prayer focused on personal, individual healing developed by Neal Lozano, as a part of his Heart of the Father Ministry.

Guided by the Gospel and the movements Holy Spirit, UNBOUND Ministry encourages participants to examine the spiritual obstacles in their lives keeping them from embracing the healing and transformative love of God, whether it is habitual sin, chronic fear or anxiety, strife in human relationships, warped understandings of who God is, the inability to forgive, or anything else keeping their hears "locked" behind prison bars. Then, participants are guided through UNBOUND's Five Keys to Freedom: steps which help us access God's grace and respond accordingly. 

The Five Keys
Repentance & Faith
The Father's Blessing

Learn more about the Five Keys here at UNBOUND's website.


UNBOUND Events feature live testimonies, praise and worship, community discussion, group prayer and renunciation, and opportunities for private prayer sessions with UNBOUND ministers. The ministry at the SLC currently offers three yearly Freedom in Christ retreats and free evening events on the first three Thursdays of each month. 

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UNBOUND Thursdays

Learn more about UNBOUND, engage with the community, or go deeper on your faith journey with UNBOUND Ministry's evening events. Occurring on the first, second, and third Thursdays of every month, these events run from 7pm to 9pm and are free to attend.

First Thursdays: Prayer Sessions - Limited space; Registration required

Second Thursdays: Ministry Team Formation - Learn how to share UNBOUND

Third Thursdays: Reflection Evenings - Community, Testimonies, Praise & Worship

Times may be subject to shifting. Please check out website and sign up to the UNBOUND Newsletter for updates on meeting days!

Freedom in Christ Retreats

Everyone is fighting their own invisible battle against habitual sin, unhealthy relationships, resentments, idols, wounds, and false senses of identity. At the UNBOUND: Freedom in Christ Retreat you will learn how to unlock your prison doors by using the Five Keys To Freedom and release the healing power of God into your heart. The conference involves insightful talks and testimonies, workbook materials, times of prayer and worship, Mass, Confessions, Adoration, community, and opportunities for private prayer sessions with UNBOUND ministers.

This conference will equip you to cooperate with God as He sets you free.

There are two Freedom in Christ retreats a year. Be on the lookout for upcoming dates, posted on our event calendar, or call to inquire.

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