Our Programs

The Spiritual Life Center offers in-house Adult Education, Spiritual Formation Retreats,
and Private Retreats throughout the year.

We also are open for visitors 7:00am - 8:30pm, who may visit our chapels and
outdoor Stations or walking trails.

See below for more information about our events and offerings.

Adult Education & Spiritual Formation Programs

Jesus is our primary teacher. In the gospels, we read how he taught his disciples with storytelling and parables. Our Lord also shows us the immense importance of retreating as he many times “went away by himself” even so long as to spend 40 days in the desert to pray and connect with God.

The Spiritual Life Center provides numerous opportunities for Adult Education and Spiritual Formation throughout the year. Several formats exist to be sure there is something that will work for every schedule. Guests can enjoy evening classes, day-long workshops, ongoing series, and retreats of various lengths at the Center.

Program Calendar

Private Retreats

The Spiritual Life Center offers the opportunity for private retreats for individuals. Unplug from your daily lives to spend quiet time with Our Lord. Private Retreats allow you to design your own program - come for 1 night or an entire week, the choice is yours.

Private retreats are self-directed; Directed private retreats are subject to our director's availability. Contact the SLC about availability when registering for your private retreat.

Retreat Request Form

Offerings for Visitors

Guests of the Spiritual Life Center are welcome to visit us from 7:00 am - 8:30 pm, when you can come in to visit and pray in our two chapels or spend peaceful time outside at our outdoor Stations of the Cross or walking the John the Baptist Nature Trail.